Project Timeline Estimate

Phased Construction

Many factors will affect the timeline on which the Village will be built such as the various approval processes, construction delays, and ultimately market demand.  For example, due to the limited construction season at Alberta Park, which lies just below Wolf Creek Pass, it will likely take two seasons to complete the basic infrastructure including the entry road and utilities.  The first couple of buildings built will likely be the hotel and a condominium building or two.  Market demand will dictate when the remainder of the condominiums in the first phase will be built.  Some single family lots will also be available for sale during the first phase of development, but it will take time to sell these lots and complete construction.  In other words, no one can accurately predict the future, but this project will require a number of years to work through its first phase.  Below is an estimate of time to complete and sell Phase One of the Village. 

  • 2013 – EIS Completed and Design Planning

  • 2014 – Platting Process in Mineral County

  • 2014 – Construction Planning and Commence Hiring

  • 2015 – 2016 – Construction of Infrastructure

  • 2016 – First Few Buildings Built and Launch Sales

  • 2016 - 2026 – First Phase Construction and Sales Continue

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